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Dr. Emmanuel Gergis, Ph.D.

The Agora, a Greek word meaning “assembly of the people,” was a central space in ancient cities like Alexandria and Athens where individuals gathered to exchange ideas and connect. The Agora of Alexandria, located near the famous library, attracted philosophers, teachers, and students seeking to advance knowledge and make a positive impact on society. In the present day, Agora University aims to serve as a platform for holistic education and academic excellence, preparing students to use their skills to transform and serve their communities. The university seeks to restore academic authenticity and address the shortcomings of modern society. The invitation is extended to join the Agora family, which has already produced influential leaders who are making a difference in their communities.

agora in numbers

We don’t just challenge modern concepts—we redefine them. The world-class education done at Agora University is hallmarked by rigorous investigation, in-depth discovery, and practically-driven problem solving.

Student Nationalities
Faculty members
Mr. naguib sawiris

Our Chairman

Listen to our Chairman Mr. Naguib Sawiris’ message and vision for Agora University.

Why Agora?

Academic Excellence

Our world-class faculty come from renowned international institutions including University of Oxford, St. Andrews, Aberdeen, UCLA, Claremont, and University of Toronto, to name a few.

Distance Education

All of our programs are designed for distance learning and are especially built for working professional. Our study plans are carefully tailored with you and your family in mind.

Impact & Affordability

Impact starts with access to quality and affordable education. Our tuition rates enable students from all backgrounds to have access to quality education at an affordable rate. Our graduates are able to utilize their quality education to impact their communities.

Mr. Alex Shalaby


Mark Morgan, JD

Secretary & Board Member

H.E. Archbishop John Kawak

Board Member

H.G. Bishop Angelos

Board Member

Mr. George Sorial, J.D., M.B.A.

Board Member

Ms. Lana Sawiris

Board Member

Ms. Lana Sawiris

Board Member

Ms. Natalie Ramses

Board Member

Mark Morgan, JD

Secretary & Board Member
Our faculty

Empowering Minds
Meet the Faculty at Agora University

Inaugural Ceremony of our new building in Burke, VA

Started on October 13, 2023 to October 13, 2023

Agora University is registered in the United States with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax-ID number 45-2832530.

Agora University is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Address: 9253 Old Keene Mill Rd, Burke, VA 22015

Fax: +1 (202) 930-7909

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